Creativity and healing in community: the triple whammy!

by Marn Norwich The once-pejorative concept of a triple whammy has taken on an upbeat, urban-dictionary twist in recent years. So it is this reclaimed phrase that comes to mind when I think of the powerful triumvirate of creativity, healing and community. When people gather together with the intention of mutual support and expressing their truths to themselves and each other, some immeasurable quantity joins them, and the magic begins! I’ve witnessed this fireworks display on many occasions, and each... View Article

The astonishing power of community

by Marn Norwich I moved to Vancouver 22 years ago with my sister, with little more than a manuscript of short stories, stashed under my airplane seat. We knew one person in British Columbia. We did not have jobs, and we weren’t students. We realized very quickly that to create our visions of fulfilling our purpose, we were also going to have to create community — from scratch. We could not flourish in a vacuum, and we were intent on... View Article

Free as in space not as in … beer?

For all events I help to plan, I strive to make them accessible for everyone, and that has usually meant they’re free or ultra low cost. I’ve been rethinking offering free access to Subculture at Creative Coworkers for a while now, recommending that hosts who receive sponsored space ask their attendees to give a small donation. And here’s the reason. Space is not free, for someone. Space is really, really expensive. Things that are free sometimes seem less valuable, too.... View Article


We think Subculture is an amazing place to work. But don’t take our word for it – check out what our members have to say! Member Love …  “Not only is the studio a beautiful pace filled with everything you could ever want in an office but it seems to attract some of the most creative and interesting people in town. The opportunities for cross pollination, peer support and epic good times are virtually unlimited.” “A beautiful and inviting space... View Article


… at Creative Coworkers Since the opening of our coworking studio in 2015, we’ve been watching the development of something special. In a modest but unique subfloor in the small DTES neighbourhood known as Railtown, we’ve created an environment that feels something like home, something like work, something like play. It’s a space to start things, and to finish them, to explore them, to send them out into the world; to collaborate, to meditate. To gather, to convene. To share... View Article