Claire O’Connor

Member: Claire O’Connor
Company: The Five Percent
Industry: Coaching & Consulting

I’m an accountability coach and writer; I work with entrepreneurs and new business owners who need motivation and structure. I run a 6-month weekly accountability program which helps people get clear on their vision, prioritize their tasks, and make progress with their business or project… (getting rid of that feeling of drowning in tasks!)

Why work here?

There are so many reasons why I love working at the Studio, so I’ll try to sum up: 1) the atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and chill; 2) you can focus on your work without distractions, or you can chat with awesome people in the common areas; 3) D set up the space with great values including heart, respect, support, and non-judgment; 4) I feel at home there; 5) I feel like I’m part of a community/tribe there, which I don’t have in many places in Vancouver; 6) it’s pet-friendly; 7) there’s a swing 😉

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Unit B1 (buzz #010),
343 Railway St, Vancouver, BC