Working from home can be great – but seeing clients there rarely is. Interruptions by pets, roommates, partners or children; too much familiarity for your professional relationship; and overall a statement that your business hasn’t quite reached the pro level yet, which has an impact on what you can charge.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re looking for a client meeting space.

1. Location
Many people are interested in a central location – but don’t pre-suppose! Be flexible about where you’re looking. Perhaps something right downtown isn’t ideal for either of you…. And much of that is likely based on ….

2. How you’re getting there
Are you or your client(s) taking transit? Cycling? Walking? Driving? Make sure you ask if the meeting room space has easy access for your chosen mode of transportation.

3. Digital or Analog? 
Are you going to need a projector for your presentation? Or are you more of a flip chart & sharpie kind of meeter? Or perhaps a white board is more your style? Make sure you ask what’s available in the meeting room for your creative thinking needs!!

4. Let there be Light
Not every meeting benefits from the same kind of lighting. Some meetings need a window to gaze out of and lots of natural light – others are more effective in a controlled light or even dark environment.

5. Brain Treats
Lots of meetings benefit from drinks and snacks, keeping your blood sugar up and your attention focused. Ask if the meeting room offers tea or coffee, or can arrange for local catering. Don’t forget to grab some water! 

In summary, to make the most of your client meeting, book a meeting room in a convenient neighbourhood, with the amenities that you need to ensure that your meeting is a success!!