Member Love … 

“Not only is the studio a beautiful place filled with everything you could ever want but it seems to attract some of the most creative and interesting people in town. The opportunities for cross pollination, peer support and epic good times are virtually unlimited.”

“It’s a beautiful space to meet with like-minded, lovely people. Having a swing and hammock isn’t too bad, either :)”

“The coffee… no, seriously. The coffee is pretty spectacular, so are Friday post-midday beers in the sun, and the bbqs, and the occasional birthday. There is a large group with a big variety in tastes, backgrounds, occupations, and employment – from coders to artists, from filmmakers to beer-tour-creators. All those come together and make for great interdisciplinary talks, that’s something you don’t see anywhere else. Oh yes, they have desks too, which are just like desks – and you can find those anywhere. What you can’t find anywhere are the above mentioned things!”

“Sometimes the city gets me down; people are hustling and don’t want to look you in the eye. The Studio offers a beautiful space to work in a quiet, respectful environment, and also contains a warm community of people that are genuinely interested when they ask “how’s your day going?”

“It’s my work family 🙂 Wonderful cool vibe at the studio and amazing diverse people!”

“The office space is great, kitchen & facilities are awesome and more than one would normally see. The folks that we share the space with have all been great and d is very helpful and looks after us! Love 10 @ 2!”

“I met D at the Beau Photo 35th Anniversary party and she was so welcoming and kind! She got me excited about the prospect of being involved in her community of artists. I’m looking forward to collaborating with the talented people at Creative Coworkers and Sandbox Studios, as I’m new to Vancouver and still building my network!”

“The environment and atmosphere – traditional materials brick & wood. The people-friendly spaces like the kitchen where conversation, discussion and laughter are often heard. D’s enthusiasm, dedication and community focus for CC.”

“The Creative space is an open and friendly environment, where you instantly feel part of the community!”

“I love being a part of the studio because it offers everything I need to get my work done and the vibe here is super friendly. The space boosts my creativity with the changing art on the walls and all the amenities here are top notch.”

“It’s an amazing space, very beautiful and it allows me to really focus on work. D is wonderful. You meet really cool people from different fields of work.

“I love the community, I love the inclusion, I love the vibe of the space!”


At Creative Coworkers, we’re dedicated to developing a community of creative professionals, sharing a dynamic and comfortable workspace. Our aim is to contribute to each other’s evolution and success through cross-pollination.