… at Creative Coworkers

Since the opening of our coworking studio in 2015, we’ve been watching the development of something special.

In a modest but unique subfloor in the small DTES neighbourhood known as Railtown, we’ve created an environment that feels something like home, something like work, something like play.

It’s a space to start things, and to finish them, to explore them, to send them out into the world; to collaborate, to meditate. To gather, to convene. To share and evolve. To celebrate and support.

Creative Coworkers is our non-profit organization, providing resources and support to freelancers, small business owners and non profit organizations. But that has always felt distinct from the community we’ve called simply The Studio at CC – until now.

It took some time for the distinct identity of the space to emerge, to find itself a name. A name that describes the people who are drawn to make this their workspace, every day, or once a year when they’re in town.

It describes what we make, together. It describes where we are. It describes what we’re here for.

Who works at Subculture?

You are curious. You may be quiet, or social; you may be “a Creative” – or you may be a data freak, or an activist, or a consultant working in natural resources, health sciences, cryptocurrency or renewable energy. You may be employed or unemployed, retired or freelance or on contract, between contracts, or working remotely.

You are driven out of your home by a need to escape, and connect. You are inspired by good conversation about interesting and sometimes silly things.

You have a desire to engage with creativity, to explore ideas.

You are looking for subculture.