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Creative Coworkers is a non-profit collective of (mostly) creative professionals with the desire to share space and amenities, and build a community together. The Studio at Creative Coworkers is the place we make that happen. Our priority and focus is in developing our community, and contributing to each others success. At over 4500 square feet of space in the edgy and awesome Railtown community, we have an ample amount of space to spread out and work together or independently. Try coworking with us for FREE for a day!

Our Space

Amazing Amenities & Perks without Restrictions

  • High Speed Wireless and Wired Internet (140mbp down/11mbp up)
  • Unlimited use of the meeting room (2oo square feet; accommodates up to 10)
  • Unlimited B/W printing photocopying & scanning
  • Full kitchen facilities (fridge, microwave, espresso machine, toaster oven, skillet, juicer, breadmaker)
  • Indoor secure bike parking
  • Shower/change room access
  • Business mailing address / package receiving
  • A free weekly beer at Friday Happy hour

1 Day / Week


2 Days / Week


Unlimited Flex


Dedicated Desk


Try us out for free; be part of the community for $30 a year.


More than just a place to work, Creative Coworkers is a creative environment. A big part of being relaxed and inspired are the people around, working away at their desks, learning at our workshops, or socializing at our events. Here at Creative Coworkers, we have designers, artists, envisionaries, philanthropists and the like. And with our growing list of amenities, ( photography studio, sound booth, and more ) a wider range of professionals and characters roam through our doors.

Maxine Bulloch
Devon Cooke
Peter Gorniak
Clare Fisher
Krys Wallbank
Jeroen Van Zeeland
Michael Persimmon
Denise Brennan

Reach Out

Unit B1 (buzz #010),
343 Railway St,
Vancouver, BC