Downstairs Area & Event Space (1st Floor)

The first floor of the Pace has a multitude of different assets: as our primary event space, it features 14 foot ceilings, takes up 3000 of the 5000 sq. ft. space, and has been used for a huge variety of different things, due to its versatility.
The floor itself is fully equipped with a bar, stage, PA system and 2 unisex bathrooms, and regularly hosts a wide range of events, from zero-waste vegan farmers markets to fashion shows, while routinely holding a multitude of different classes, ranging from salsa dancing to 3D printing to still life-drawing!
On the North side of the space is a grade-level garage door that opens on to Alexander St., providing both natural light and easy accessibility, while there is also a back exit that leads directly to our back alley.

A beautiful mural by resident artist John Velten presides over the space.

Event Space