Jeroen Van Zeeland

Member: Jeroen Van Zeeland
Industry: Software and Transportation

We believe in works which promote the unique, the artistic and the adventurous.

Why work here?

The coffee… no, seriously. The coffee is pretty spectacular, so are Friday post-midday beers in the sun, and the bbqs, and the occasional birthday. There is a large group with a big variety in tastes, backgrounds, occupations, and employment – from coders to artists, from filmmakers to beer-tour-creators. All those come together and make for great interdisciplinary talks, that’s something you don’t see anywhere else. Oh yes, they have desks too, which are just like desks – and you can find those anywhere. What you can’t find anywhere are the above mentioned things!

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Jani Andersen
Maxine Bulloch
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Unit B1 (buzz #010),
343 Railway St, Vancouver, BC